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Get Naked

To some, the idea of standing exposed, completely naked in front of random people they don’t know (or even ones they do know, for that matter) seems like a nightmare. I get it, I suppose the image this invokes is a bit outside the lines of what you run across in your daily life.  But to me, this rawness and vulnerability makes me sing! I’m not saying I want to drop my drawers and find the nearest sports arena, but I’ve been thinking about how powerful we could all be if we “exposed” ourselves a bit more.

Lately, I’ve been oversharing. A lot. I’m becoming that person that when strangers ask “how’s your day, ma’am?”, I answer with the truth. I really tell them. I say it all. The first time I did it, I immediately recoiled, realizing what I’d said. I waited for them to make some sort of face, or walk away, but instead, the recipient of my word vomit did not bat an eye. In fact, quite the opposite happened. They extended love. I felt it. I could tell they were surprised, but they didn’t get weird. They simply loved. I even felt some relief from them. So...I did it again. Woudn’t you know it, the same damn thing happened. Ya’ll, people are lovely. They want to support, to share and love. They want the space to be who they are too. When we start this, we open it up for them to do the same. I love love. I love giving love.I haven’t always been good at receiving love, but I’m learning, and this is part of it. I want everyone to see this and feel the freedom to show up with their weird selves fully expressed and out there for the world.

So, I suppose that’s what this blog will be about. I will metaphorically (and maybe really depending on how ballsy I get!) stand in front of you naked. I will overshare. My hope is that you’ll see that YOU have the space to do the same. Be naked with me. Let’s compare scars.

#lifelessons #alwayslearning #nakedinfrontofstrangers

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