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Tis the season..

I love the Holidays. Mostly, I love Thanksgiving, but I adore Christmas lights and hot cider and all things cozy. Any season that encourages me to put on leg warmers and get under a blanket with a book, I'm all about. That's easily my best day ever. Oh, and soup. Yes to soup, always.

Christmas itself is not always one filled with joy. In the past, I've let it be filled with expectations, loneliness and a longing for things that did not exist. This year, my daughter will be with her dad, and my husband will be out of state. The old me would feel sorry for myself and dread this day. I would look at it like, "I'm going to be alone...on sad". But here's the deal: I'm not that person anymore. My best day ever is making soup, reading a book and listening to Ella Fitzgerald radio. So if I remove all the weird expectations we create around huge group celebrations, I actually get to have my best day ever on Christmas. Winning. That's how I'm framing it this year, and I am legitimately excited about my solo day.

Another thing about the Holidays that brings me ALL the joy is buying gifts for others. I've been told I'm good at it, although I'm not sure what that means. I think I just really love it, and that shines through. I'm not a big gift receiver. I just have too much shit already, so there really is very little I want or need. But buying for others? Yes. Please. I've been finding myself two and a half hours down a deep hole of the internet looking at gifts I want to buy my friends. I have present FOMO. I'm always so worried I am going to commit to a present, and then find something EVEN better I sit there, frozen in choice. I'm sure you get's an intense process for me.

I thought I would give a few of my favorite things to provide some inspiration to you if you are like me and get hella joy from giving to others. In order to support you, I'm going to do a few posts of some specific items and companies I love supporting and introducing my circle of people to.

ANYTHING that brings coziness to others

Being cozy is the best feeling ever. However I can provide feeling that to my friends, I am down. Candles, slippers, blankets, all of that. The key here is taking these things, and elevating them. Get that friend of yours something luxe that they wouldn't buy themselves, or something with a cool story to share. Basically, just take the item, and elevate it. I am obsessed with Malicious Women Candle Company (seriously, go look at their awesome). First of all, talk about standing naked...go to the "about us" section and read the story. You will want to buy ALL the candles from this rad chick. Also, the wit and humor infused into the delicious smelling candles makes it even better. You can get a candle anywhere, but to get a candle to support such a cool business, and also poke a little fun at ourselves at the same time? Yes please.

Something fun that will make them think about you when they see it

Why wouldn't I want my friends to think about me every day? Duh. I like to find fun household things or items my friend will use every day that make them smile or laugh or just shake their head and question my sanity. I once bought my sister this picture of a cat dressed up like a doctor. She's a doctor, she likes cats..meant to be...just sayin. So creepy. But she's got that shit hanging in her office, and I bet not a day goes by that she doesn't think about me when she sees it. Seriously, it's creepy. Look...

My personal favorite right now is a funny doormat. Check out this awesome Etsy shop. I've bought a few of them, and I can't speak highly enough of the designs and the quality, and the fast shipping. This way, EVERY SINGLE TIME your friend enters their home, they are reminded of how awesome you are. So there's that.

Well, that should at least give you a little start...please reach out with any of your faves too, as I am always looking for an awesome recommendation. More to come in a few days...stay tuned!

This is how I wrap my carefully thought out gifts...We can't be good at everything ok?

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