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I'm not a fan of Halloween. I view it as merely an obstacle that keeps me from Thanksgiving, which is probably one of my top 5 days of the year. So good riddance October....and bring on the sweet potatoes and turkey please. November is a month full of gathering, and celebrating gratitude. Which is awesome. I've spent the last few Novembers checking in daily on social media in #Thankful challenges: You know the deal, every day during the month of November, you craft a lovely post on Instagram about what you're super #grateful for or why you feel #blessed. I ain't knockin' these sorts of challenges, in fact, I think anything that gives you pause to reflect on your blessings is a wonderful thing. Slowing down in any form and noticing is a killer tool. We could all use a few more minutes of this each day.

If you've been reading, you know that I'm in the middle of a personal tornado of asking myself "what do I want?" and "what makes me happy", both questions I've learned I have never taken the time to ask. If you haven't been reading...go on back to my first post and take a gander. Enjoy that little shitstorm. :) These questions have made me think a lot about honesty. Total, raw honesty grounded in love and trust; sometimes a little gritty and at the same time super powerful. This sort of honesty is what I consider true nakedness. The questions I'm asking keep leading back to that damn "h word", and so I'm going to spend November is some real talk. I am going to focus on sharing where I really am, and what my life really looks like. This feels a bit messy right now, because I have some storms brewing. I can feel them. Motherhood has been really difficult lately, marriage even tougher, and I've been really in some self-doubt that doesn't feel like who I really am, or who I want to be to others.

So...let me kick it off with my first call out. This is my current pedicure situation.

Yes, really. There it is. It's freaking fall anyway ok? Geez. Calm down.

But really what this is for me is a big fat reflection of the amount of time I have given to myself lately. There it is, glaring back at me (and you, now). Pedicures aren't how I judge my level of self-care, usually. You should know that. But what I see when I look at my pedicure or my crazy eyebrows is that there's a whole lot of things I've let slide, and the pedicure is just the symptom of it. So I'm sharing this with you as an accountability tool. I have to start putting myself closer to the top of the list (I'm not starting with the "top" of the list, steps here people!). This is me making that statement. I'll stand "naked" in front of you and say that. Unedited, unrefined and without any sort of self-judgement. It's time for a change. Join me. Show the world the real you in November (I mean, always really...but if this is new for you, start somewhere!) and share some real shit. #NakedNovember.

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